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This area is for those who would like to share their Testament. Whether that's a personal story, a burden you carry, a joyful thought, or a desire for prayers.


We encourage all to share with us whatever they feel compelled to by truth, in respect for for all creation, with regard for our unity.


We ask that you indicate to the best of your ability what type of testament and how you would like it handled.


We hold that Private Inquest may be the only path to Truth, as much as Public Inquest, and is therefore equally valid in It's pursuit. This accords with Our Principle of Unity, as respecting the wishes of another is to warrant their equality.


Testaments may likewise be both. One may certainly wish their Testament be open to the Public while retaining their own Privacy. Creation is a wonderfully multitudinous place!


Publicly marked Testaments will be reviewed for inclusion in our, "Bear Bare or Be'er Witness," section.