The Formation

The Church


Art & Science


The Church is an incorporation of a Faith which has and always will exist. It is an extension of The Creator, which is the source of all.


This Church, was incorporated in April, of 2015, according to the calendar of the time, of The State of California, of The United States of America. It is a separate, whole, and singular denomination of Faith.


The Church was founded on sacred ground, in Long Beach, California, USA, in the home of It's incorporator. This land was sacred long before, The Church, made it home. The Church, as a Faith, resides in the hearts of those who hold Truth highest; as an incorporation, it remains where it was founded.


The Church, was incorporated by, Uncle Sam. He is The Professor of, The Church of Art & Science. In this capacity, it is his sacred responsibility to testify truthfully in the delineation and creation of this Church.


Sam was born in November of 1981, in The United States of America, in St. Louis, Missouri. He has never not known God, although it took him many years to gain the bravery of this truth.


We incorporated this Church, as a testament to and in reverance for God. It is incorporated to conduct the activities of The Faith.



This Faith, is a Faith of Works.


Upon It's first principle of Truth, we recognize above all, the need to be, do, and become that which is missing, fraudulent, or corrupt. If a thing exists which is not Truthful, and it otherwise would serve a Truthful roll in Creation, then it is our Duty to take up that roll until such time as another might.


This Faith, is a Faith of Life.


Upon It's second principle of Creation, we recognize the Truthful works of all as sacred to the continuation and furtherance of Life. It is our Duty to protect, preserve, and to accurately share with all, any Truthful works of Creation. To this second principle, we pay homage in our name. It is the truthful work of us all which we have called, Arts & Sciences for generations of generations.


This Faith, is a Faith of Unity.


Upon It's third principle, we recognize the Singularity of God and purposefulness of all that The Creator created. That which is, most assuredly has Life. That which has Life and is Dutiful of It's Truth, is serving It's Purpose. We therefore recognize our Duty to include, protect, and hold as equal, all so defined; for All is indivisible.


These are the Founding Principles. These are immutable and Omnipresent.